Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nilo's Brewing Tool

Here's a new brewing tool, found HERE (xlsm) or HERE (xls), that I developed in excel (PC), which address few issues I had when using the online brewing tools available today.
Here are the main capabilities that I would highlight:
  • Grain, extract, sugars and adjuncts database, including PPG, SRM and fermentability adjustment for Lactose, Dextrin, Carapils, Crystal and highly kilned malts
  • Hops database with average range of alpha acids
  • Yeast database
  • Beer style database from BJCP with OG,FG,SRM,IBU and ABV data
  • Mashing temperature input and auto correction for final gravity
  • Strike water temperature calculation for single infusion mashing, including grain temperature compensation.
  • Recipe database, to store your recipes
  • Brewing guide, an easy format to print and follow on brewday with all ingredients, boil schedule, fermentation log, etc
  • PH calculator for sparge water adjustment
  • Gravity converter and fermentation log
  • Tool will comes with all recipes that I have brewed to date (93 batches of partyial mash, extract and all grain)
  • Limitations: 8 fermentables (grains, adjuncts, sugars) and 6 hop schedules, 1000 recipes
The tool requires that you enable the macros in excel. If you are afraid of virus or something, don't use the tool :-)

I can make a netmeeting section to show how to use the tool, probably wait few requests to reach more users at once. Please post a comment if you would like to get a trainning section.
I didn't have the time to write an instruction manual.

Here are few snap shots




Gravity calculator

 PH calculator 

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