Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pizza with beer yeast

Little off topic here, but I was planning to make some pizza yesterday when I realized I was out of bread yeast, wife was out and I have had too much beer to drive to a local store, so what the hell, when ahead with a pack of S04 dry yeast.
Here's the recipe, in case someone is interested:
2 cups flour
2 table spoons wheat gluten
1 tea spoon salt
2 tea spoons sugar
1 pack S04
1cup water
1/4 cup olive oil
Your choice of topping

Add the yeast, 1 tea spoon of sugar and 1 tea spoon of flour to the water, lukewarm temperature, whisk and let it sit for 15min.
Mix all remaining dry ingredients first, then add the yeasty water and olive oil, knead for 7min in a mixer with a hook.
Let raise for 30min, open the dough, let raise again for 30min and add your toppings. Set in oven at 450F for 10min, check crust to your taste, leave more if you like it very crispy.
By the way, wife and kids don't know about the beer yeast, no one noticed any difference on the pizza. I however taste the dough to be lighter, a milder bread flavor than regular bread yeast.