Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blue Moon clone # 10&11

My #9 BM clone was a disaster. Used WY1010-American Wheat yeast and that may be the culprit, lots of clove taste, had to dump the whole batch.
Anyways, posting here the results of #10 and #11, here were the changes:

Mashed for 75min, not planned
Used 6.5lb of wheat and only 3lb of row, not planned. Run out of 2 row

Used double orange peels, so full 3oz

Here's the side by side pic

Can you guess what is what?

Left is #10, center is the commercial, right is #11.

Color wise, very similar, hard to pick one. Taste wise, the double orange tasted much closer to the commercial beer for me.

recipes are posted to same place, Here

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Ultimate Mobile Homebrew Dispenser

Watching TV, no, this is how I spend some spair time (and $).


  • 2 taps, capacity for two 2.5 gal kegs + ice.
  • External CO2 ball lock post, to connect a compact CO2 injector or regular CO2 tank.
  • Built in stereo amplifier with two 2-way speakers.
  • Internal mainteance free battery, run time over 6h without charge. External wall charger or solar panel charger.
  • 12VDC lighter outlet with optional dual USB port adapter. You can charge your phone or small device with the cooler.
  • Audio imput from regular stereo jack plug or BlueTooth devices (external bluetooth adapter).
  • Built in clock, internal&external digital thermometer and battery charge monitor.
  • White board for displaying the beers on tap
Using the bluetooth adapter is pretty cool, you can play your favorite songs remotelly from your cellphone's play list or Pandora station. It also allows you to control the box volume from your cellphone.
While connected using the stereo jack to your cell phone, it will also work as a hands free device. You can take or make calls from your cooler, how cool is that? If connected with Bluetooth though, it will not provide a duplex capability, so people will not be able to hear you, unless you are doing a voice over IP call like yahoo, skype, etc

Two Taps:

White board and charging connector:

Power switch and lighter socket/USB port adapter:

Two way speakers:

Audio Amplifier:

Audio input with bluetooth receiver connected:

Digital panel:

Inside views:

CO2 post:

Minimum internal damage: