Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mac and Jack's African Amber Clone update

Update 4/22/13: Full list of recipes can be found here.

Here's the beer in details. I'm not an expert and don't drink this beer very often, but from what I can tell, VERY close!!

10lb Briess Pale ale
1lb Carapils
1lb Crystal 80
1lb Munich 10

mashed at 160 for 1h

3/4oz Centennial for 60min
1/2oz Cascade for 15min
1/2oz Cascade for 0min
1/2lb Lactose for 10min
1 TBS wheat gluten for 10min (mixed with lactose)

1oz Cascade dry hop in the keg

Yeast Wyeast 1098 British Ale fermented at 65F


Will do a blind test soon.

Update here

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