Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Irish Red Recipe

Here's the recipe for an Irish Red, brewed few weeks ago. Color came out a little light I think, but it tastes great.

- 9lb 2row
- 1/2lb Carapils
- 1/2lb Crystal 10L
- 1/2lb Belgian Biscuit 25L
- 2oz Chocolate 350L

60m boil with the following additions:

- 1oz goldings for 60min
- 1oz goldings for 5min
- 1 tsp irish moss for 20min 

Mashed at 155F for 60min, fermented at 68F with S04 and these were the final brewing numbers:


Fermentation profile is below.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cream Ale Recipe

Here's a delicious beer, got the recipe from This is one of the best beers I have brewed to date. Very light, easy going and creamy beer!

All grain recipe, 5gal batch:
-9lb 2 row malt
-1/2lb carapills
-1/2lb biscuit malt 25L
-1lb flaked corn

Mashed at 155F for 1h and boil as follow:

-1oz hallertauer 4% for 60min
-1 tsp irish moss for 20min
-1/2oz hallertauer 4% for 10min
-1/2oz hallertauer 4% flameout

Used Safale S05 yeast at 68F and these were the brewing numbers:


Here's the fermentation profile:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hop Harvest 2011 update

Here's the final numbers on the harvest this year. I huge increase from last year. Total, harvested over 12lb of hops which represented an increase of almost 50% from last year. Ended with almost 6lb of dry hops, an increase of 70% from last year.
Here's the data. Got to brew a lot of beer now.