Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mac and Jack's African Amber Clone update 2

Update 4/22/13: Full list of recipes can be found here.

Got some beer from a local store to make a side by side comparison, here are the results:

Clone is on the left.

Color - Seems that clone is lighter, but almost undetectable
Aroma - Same
Head retention - Same
Flavor - Clone tastes sweeter, more malty flavor, quite less bitter, which may be due to the extra sweetness. The bitterness sticks to the tongue much longer on the real than the clone.
Body - Same

If I would correct the recipe, it would probably get an extra 1/2oz of hops for 60min and remove the lactose. I however, like the clone better than the real, just my taste.

Note: Measured gravity of the beer, just for the sake of it, Clone=9.0 and real=8.0 brix.

I finished my glass and had to post a pick of the lacing on the clone.


  1. You mention the body on these beers to be the same. I see you mashed this at 160. This beer has body that I would call thick. Similar to Manny's Pale. Which I have tried to clone. I can't seem to get this down. Any tips?

  2. Overall your recipe looks very solid. Do you think that if one were to use a lower mash temperature, the final gravity would drop by several point, reducing the sweetness and eliminating the need for additional hop additions? I have a friend that is looking for a clone recipe for this beer to surprise his girlfriend. Since I've never had this beer before, I'm excited to try out this recipe and see how it turns out.

  3. Please look at latest recipe here. Lower FG and it tasted much better.

  4. Awesome, I will check it out - thanks! Kyle

  5. I posted all recipes I tried to google docs, found at link below