Thursday, March 28, 2013

It is Gold.........and Silver!

Cream ale and Mac & Jacks clone recipes scored Gold and Silver at the 2013 Joint Base Lewis-McCord in WA state, an AHA sanctioned competition.

Here are the very brewed recipes:

Cream Ale, 5gal batch
Mash, 60min, 158F
9lb 2 row
1/2lb Belgium biscuit 25L
1/2lb carapils
1lb flaked corn

Boil 60min
1oz hallertau 4% for 60min
1/2 hallertau 4% for 10min
1/2 hallertau 4% for 5min
1 tsp irish moss for 20min

Fermented with S04 at 65F for 9 days


Mac & Jacks Clone, 5gals batch

Mash, 60min, 155F
8lb British Pale Ale
1lb Carapils
1lb Crystal 80L
2lb Munich 10L

Boil 60min
3/4oz Centennial 10% for 60min
1/2oz Cascade 6% for 15min
1/2oz Cascade 6% for 0min

Fermented with WY1098 British Ale at 65F for 7 days. This was a yeast cake from a previous batch. Usually, this fermentation takes 2 week to complete but the cake speeded it up and also provided a lower FG.

Dry hopping in keg
1oz Cascade 6%

Note. I added Calcium Chloride and Epson salt as usual to provide some calcium and magnesium, as I usually do for my very soft water, but this recipe I also added 7g of Baking soda to increase sweetness perception (read this somewhere). Not sure if that played any role in the score.