Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blue Moon Clone #8

Here's the recipe of #8, also found HERE:

- 5lb White wheat malt
- 5lb 2 row
- 10oz crystal 10L
- 10oz munich 10L
- 1/2lb Carapils

Mashed at 152 for 60min

1.2oz Hallertauer for 30min
2 TBS corn starch for 10min
0.375oz coriander for 10min
1.5oz Frontier dry orange peels for 10min

Fermented at 65F for 2 weeks with S05.


The use of munich malt was a mistake. I though I was using crystal 10 and after 10oz was milled I realized the mistake, so I stopped and milled another 10oz of crystal 10.
I had plans to add some wheat gluten but decided to mix it with water first before adding to the boil. Good that I did the test because the gluten turned into a big rubber ball and would probably mess up my batch. Lesson learned, no gluten!
The boil was only 30min and did not use irish moss in an attempt to increase chill haze. The beer came out very cloudy and thick, just as I wanted.
I did a side by side test today and honestly, color is so close one can't tell the difference. Body is also very close and taste wise, yes, best match so far.

Here's a side by side photo, clone is on the left

 Head retention after 1min, looks better on the clone.

And the lacing on the clone was awesome.


  1. I've only brewed 3 batches so far and am a little confused of what I need for a shopping list to take to my LHBS. Could you provide a shopping list of what to get in detail since some of the ingredients are new to me?

  2. Do you do all graing brewing? Or extract?

  3. ok. The recipe on this post is for an all grain brew. I have not brewed an extract version of this clone yet. Check the thread at the link below. I think someone may have tried an extract version.

  4. Hey! That recipe sounds super tasty and I love Blue Moon so I'm going to use it for my next batch!
    I have a couple questions. First, Is there any special reason to boil it for 30 mins instead of an hour?
    You said that the munich malt was a mistake, so should I use 20 oz of crystal 10L then?
    Finally, I saw that for clone 11 you used twice as orange peels, should I use twice as well?

    Thank you,


  5. Juan, brew #11 or 12, follow the recipe amounts and you will be fine.

  6. I think I'm going to use this as my first all grain brew and i had a few questions. First, do you prefer the .5 or .375 oz of coriander? And Second, do you sparge the mash at all?

    1. It is hard to tell, specially how it will taste for your palate. Start with 0.375oz and go from there in your future brews. I do sparge the mash, I do fly sparging.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply! Do you recommend any specific volumes for water or should i just put the recipe into something like beersmith and follow its calculated volumes.