UPDATE 04/18/13 - Because the poll host is demanding an account upgrade for a montly fee of $15 in order to expand the poll list over 10 recipes, I have removed the lower score Nilo's #1 to 5 and #7, adding Nilo's #11 recipe.

Best photo of a Blue Moon I have seen, from Colorado68 at homebrewtalk.com, Recipe brewed is Nilo's #8. Thirsty?

This is a poll to collect feedback from homebrewers that attempt to clone the Blue Moon beer
The recipes details are posted  HERE.

Poll results as of 11/24/13

*Explanation of the table above:
Each recipe can get up to 8 points per vote, related to the 8 possible selections listed as Color, IBU, Body, Sweetness, Haze, Orange Flavor, Coriander Flavor and Blind Test.
For each vote, the percentage of points is taken. If a recipe gets 8 points in a vote, it scored 100% for that specific vote.
Then each recipe's final score is taken by averaging between the scores it got on each vote in relation to the total number of votes in the poll.
Example.: Poll got 10 votes total. Recipe 1 got 4 points from vote 1 and 8 points from vote 2. Score from vote 1 is 0.5(50%) and 1(100%) from vote 2. Final score is 100*((0.5 + 1)/2)*2/10. Total score is 15% or 15.
What I'm trying to do here is to use the score from each vote but also apply a weight on numbers of vote each recipe received. If this makes no sense, shoot me an email or comment on this page.

You should have brewed the recipe, or tasted it from someone that did it, before you post your vote.
Thanks for participating and helping the homebrew community to improve our clone.
More information can be found at homebrewtalk.com, thread HERE

New recipes can be sent to me by email nilo_sb@yahoo.com, to be added to this poll.

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  1. Really appreciate all the effort to develop a great recipe!

    I'm brewing one of your recipes this weekend. Would you recommend #8 or #12 for closeness to the commercial version?

  2. Although the current poll score indicates #8 as the preferred recipe, I liked #12 better. That may be because not many brewed #12 at this point, or brewed and did not post their vote.

  3. Think I'll go with #12 then. Thanks again!