Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blue Moon clone # 10&11

My #9 BM clone was a disaster. Used WY1010-American Wheat yeast and that may be the culprit, lots of clove taste, had to dump the whole batch.
Anyways, posting here the results of #10 and #11, here were the changes:

Mashed for 75min, not planned
Used 6.5lb of wheat and only 3lb of row, not planned. Run out of 2 row

Used double orange peels, so full 3oz

Here's the side by side pic

Can you guess what is what?

Left is #10, center is the commercial, right is #11.

Color wise, very similar, hard to pick one. Taste wise, the double orange tasted much closer to the commercial beer for me.

recipes are posted to same place, Here

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