Friday, December 4, 2009

Why home brewing?

This is the first post of this blog so I thought I should start by just explaining why home brewing beer is such an interesting hobby.
Unlike other hobbies , home brewing let you be in control of a such large number of variables that it is hard to become a boring activity. There is always something new to try, some new ingredient, a new method.

You don't need lots of money to start home brewing and weather is not a factor since you can brew indoor or outdoors.
As every hobby, brewing in U.S.A has an amazing industry behind it and either local or on the web, support is always easily available. Home brewing clubs are everywhere where you can share your experiences and learn with others.
Beer has been brewed for thousand of years and the process has really not changed much. Technology has increased productivity and consistency but the fun and the challenges are still there to make this hobby an exciting experience.
Contrary to what most people think when they hear of "home made beer", home brewers are able to produce a much higher quality beer when comparing to commercial brands. Because home brewers are not looking for profits, their crafted beers has lots of flavors and aromas that would not be competitive if commercially produced. Also, because crafted beers are not intended for long shelf lasting, no preservatives are used, what also contributes to higher quality.

This blog is intended to share my experiences, recipes, techniques and links to other sources of information on the web. That been said, feedback will always be welcome and appreciated.

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