Monday, December 14, 2009

Brewing a Belgian Wit

Belgian wit is a very refreshing beer with lots of wheat malt and spices and is one of my favorites.

Here is a recipe I have brewed few times that I recommend:

  • 5# Belgian pilsner malt 1.5L

  • 3# wheat malt 1.8L

  • 1/2# Briess aromatic

  • 2# Flaked wheat

  • 1/4# flaked oats

  • 1# rice hulls

  • Wyeast 3944 Belgian wit

  • 1/2oz Kent golding for 60min

  • 1/2oz Kent golding for 30min

  • 1/2oz Kent golding for 10min

  • 1 tsp Irish moss for 20min

  • 1/2oz sweet orange peels

  • 1/2oz bitter orange peels

  • 1/4oz cracked coriander

  • 1g cracked paradise seeds

The spices were added to the boil for last 10min inside a muslin bag. The numbers for this batch were:






Mashing temp was 154F and fermentation temp 62F. It took 10 days to reach FG. Here's the graph of the fermentation profile. Click on the image to see it larger.

And here it is, ready to drink.

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