Saturday, December 19, 2009

Brewing a Dunkelweizen

First time brewing this style. A wheat beer with some malty notes sounds delicious!
Here's the recipe. Brewed it today and it is right now at 70F in my fermentation chamber. Will lower to 62F once fermentation has started.

  • 5.5# Weyerman Wheat Malt

  • 3# Munich Malt

  • 0.5# Cara-Munich Malt - Belgian

  • 3oz Weyerman Carafa Special II

  • Wyeast 3098

  • 1oz Hallertau 4% hops for 60min

Mashed at 155F for 60min. OG at 1.044, which was lower than my target of 1.051 but still within the range for this style. Mashing efficiency at 65% instead of estimated 75%, possibly due to the large amount of wheat malt used.

Click HERE to see the review of this batch.

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