Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Raw yucca root
 Peeled and deep fried

Planning this crazy recipe using yucca root, a popular ingredient in South America. Also called cassava or manioc, it is eaten just like potatoes, boiled and/or deep fried or ground and toasted to be used as a type of flour (tapioca or "farinha"). Delicious! Consider it a "potato on steroids". It it much more dense than potatoes and my understanding is that is has much more starch. The plan right now is to brew this recipe:
-5lb 2 row pale malt
-5lb crushed yucca meat, fresh
-S04 dry yeast fermented at 65F
-1oz hallertauer for 30min
-1 tsp irish mosh for 20min
-mash at 150F for 1h
-Boil with 1oz fresh sliced ginger and 1oz sweet orange peel for 15min

I'm wondering what the yucca will add in terms of flavors, body and appearance. I expect that the enzymes from the base malt will convert all starches from the yucca. Will mostly brew this on Sat Feb 11th 2012.

Update 02/12/12
Brewed this yesterday and made few changes on the fly. Decided to add some carapils to increase body and FG and did not add any spices yet. Will taste the final beer and will decide on the spices for a secondary. This way I can get the feel for any flavors coming from the yucca, if any. Also, OG came out quite lower than expected. My initial assumption was  a PPG of 30 coming from the yucca. The actual PPG is estimated at 15, so it will be a low ABV beer, like 4% or less depending on FG. Will post the updated recipe when I get a taste of this beer.

Update 02/22/12
Fermentation is completed. Beer is still sitting in primary at 65F and it looks amazingly clear. FG is 1.008 and as expected, ABV will be low at around 3.5%. But it tastes clean and crispy. I'm not going to add any spices , just waiting to buy my keg system to transfer and carbonate. So far, not much Yucca taste that I can tell.

Update. Please check full results at newer post HERE


  1. I'm very curious how this turns out. Give us an update

  2. I'm interested in this as well.... Please keep us posted.

  3. I'm looking to make Yucca beer for an archaeological materials class in the coming months. I was wondering how this turned out. Any pointers/problems you had?

  4. Plesae check newer post with results