Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brewing a Schwartz weisen - Dark Wheat beer

Brewed this dark wheat beer for the first time few weeks ago and turned out pretty good, despite tasting quite off for the first two weeks in the bottles. Very interesting, tasted phenolic until week 3 of bottle conditioned, then flavor changed completely and after 4 weeks it is very good.
Here's the recipe. Did not use barley malt, just white wheat malt for the base. 5gal batch:
8# Briess white wheat malt
1# Briess Vienna Malt (3.5L)
1# Briess aromatic malt (20L)
1/4# Weyerman Carafa2 malt (550L)
1# rice hulls
1oz goldings fror 60min
1oz crystal for 5min

Mashed at 153F and fermented at 66F with S04 dry yeast.

Final numbers below:

Fermentation profile below. Click to enlarge.

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