Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brewing a blue moon clone - Part2

Hey, just wanted to give some feedback, with pics, of what came out from my recipe.
Here are some basic observations after just 2 weeks bottle conditioned:

1)The color of the clone is petty much "right on the money". I wouldn't change a thing;
2)The mouth feel seems a little thinner than the real, perhaps a little more oats, like 1/2lb more would do it;
3)Clone tastes a little stronger on the coriander. I used 1/2oz for 5gals batch, so probably 1/4 to 3/8oz would do it
4)The clone has a bit more carbonation. Used 1 cup corn sugar to prime 5gal batch. 3/4cup would probably be better;
5) My wife actually liked better the clone, so I'm sticking to this recipe, just will apply the above changes.

Here are the pics

Here's the fermentation profile (click to enlarge):

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